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The hard work starts here

I have a new roommate since yesterday – Ms. Weissenstein (or Ursula, we are soon on first-name terms). Her daughter is around my age and is also a journalist. We got talking and she cheered me up a little. Ursula is a retired lifeguard. Even though she has just had a hip replacement one day ago, she is already making great progress. As she explains, this is known as fast-track orthopaedics. It’s amazing how far things have come since my grandfather had the same operation. While he had half his side cut open, the operation now only involves a 10 centimetre incision and patients are soon up on their feet and ready to go home.

Ursula was even able to stand up the day after her operation. Dr Cserhati explained that the small incision is better for the hip muscles and that patients are back on their feet far quicker as a result. You can’t even see the incision when wearing a bathing suit. I filmed Ursula getting up and forgot about my crutches for a second as I stood up as well. However, I soon had to sit back down – I’m still a little unsteady on my feet, after all. Nonetheless, Dr Cserhati reckons that my knee is on the mend and I will be able to walk normally without crutches in six weeks if everything goes to plan. The hospital even has an in-house institute for physiotherapy, which is of course perfect when it comes to aftercare.

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The aim of this blog is to highlight the themes ‘quality at Hirslanden’, ‘patient satisfaction’ and ‘patient safety’ in a simple yet realistic way. The fictitious patient Vanessa Birrer is confronted with these topics when she is admitted to a Hirslanden hospital after an emergency . From there, she tells her story in this blog.

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