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Part-time jobs – full-time passion

The staff are all really friendly, especially my nurse Ms. Romanova. Even the cleaner asked me how I was feeling today. She was on the way to pick up her son before taking a trip to the zoo. She told me that the employees at Hirslanden had a great deal of flexibility when planning their working hours, which confirms what Ms. Romanova told me earlier. I think this is a good thing, especially when I think about the complaints from the mothers in the editorial department at work…. According to a study by, Switzerland’s largest portal for part-time jobs, the Hirslanden Group is one of the national leaders when it comes to part-time positions. In addition to different working time models, employees can take up to ten additional days off per year in return for a reduction in salary. Many employees take part in further training at Hirslanden. I read in a brochure that the hospital group offers training and education in over 30 professions. I imagine this is the only way to ensure you find the best staff. After all, not only the number of patients has increased significantly in recent years, but also the number of doctors and employees. Between 2012 and 2017, the workforce at Hirslanden has grown from just under 5,700 to around 9,000.

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The aim of this blog is to highlight the themes ‘quality at Hirslanden’, ‘patient satisfaction’ and ‘patient safety’ in a simple yet realistic way. The fictitious patient Vanessa Birrer is confronted with these topics when she is admitted to a Hirslanden hospital after an emergency . From there, she tells her story in this blog.

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