Vanessas diary

A fictional patient story from a Hirslanden hospital

First steps … with a helping hand

I feel a lot better today. Nonetheless, Ms. Romanova still insisted on helping me to the bathroom. In this way, the staff try to avoid falls and long hospital stays. Their work seems to be paying off. The number of falls was already on the decline by 2015/16. Of 1,000 treatment days, 998 pass without falls. A similar picture can be seen when it comes to unplanned readmissions and reoperations.  Ninety-nine percent of patients are discharged without an unplanned readmission afterwards, while 99 percent of operations are made so that the patient doesn’t have to go under the knife again. All the relevant figures can be found in the quality report.

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About this blog

The aim of this blog is to highlight the themes ‘quality at Hirslanden’, ‘patient satisfaction’ and ‘patient safety’ in a simple yet realistic way. The fictitious patient Vanessa Birrer is confronted with these topics when she is admitted to a Hirslanden hospital after an emergency . From there, she tells her story in this blog.

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