Vanessas diary

A fictional patient story from a Hirslanden hospital

Bodypainting for a safe operation

I was quite nervous before my operation. Whilst still on the ward, I had to mark which leg was injured. In addition to the obligatory arrow, I also drew a smiley face – maybe it will give the surgeons something to smile about as well! My nurse Ms. Romanova explained that the arrow was there to prevent mistakes in the operating theatre.

In the theatre, I was again asked what my name was, who was carrying out the surgery and which knee was injured. I found the whole situation a little strange, but it seems to be part of the routine here. Since 2009, patients at Hirslanden are asked once again about the procedure before each operation. This is known as the safe surgery checklist. It ensures that which procedure is carried out on whom, where and on which side is checked at various points. My patient wristband means that I can even be identified when I am unresponsive, for example during the operation. The wristband is also used during examinations, blood tests or when prescribing medication – makes sense, right?

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About this blog

The aim of this blog is to highlight the themes ‘quality at Hirslanden’, ‘patient satisfaction’ and ‘patient safety’ in a simple yet realistic way. The fictitious patient Vanessa Birrer is confronted with these topics when she is admitted to a Hirslanden hospital after an emergency . From there, she tells her story in this blog.

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