Vanessas diary

A fictional patient story from a Hirslanden hospital

At A&E

Well, it looks like I can wave goodbye to our trip to Tanzania. Instead, I’ve ended up here in hospital. My knee and my neck are hurting like crazy, and I didn’t know where I was at first when I was admitted to A&E. Why on earth did I have to try out my old inline skates? I was wearing them when I went to look for my flippers, and down the stairs I went. I was in so much pain that I felt terrible. Fortunately, my neighbour found me and took me to the hospital – one belonging to the Hirslanden Group.

I thought that this hospital was for private patients only. However, I soon found out that with its 17 hospitals, the Hirslanden Group runs the largest medical network in Switzerland and almost half of their patients numbering over 100,000 have general insurance. Most importantly, the majority of the clinics have an A&E department and an outpatient surgical centre. This is practical in my case, as everything is found under one roof. The emergency doctor Dr Morger examined me straight away, put me in a neck brace and gave me a wristband. “So we know exactly who we’re treating,” he explained. I just hope that my knee doesn’t need to be operated on and that I can still go on my trip as planned.

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About this blog

The aim of this blog is to highlight the themes ‘quality at Hirslanden’, ‘patient satisfaction’ and ‘patient safety’ in a simple yet realistic way. The fictitious patient Vanessa Birrer is confronted with these topics when she is admitted to a Hirslanden hospital after an emergency . From there, she tells her story in this blog.

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